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LYONS Amélia, "From French Muslims to Foreigners: Welfare Services and Algerian Families in France, 1954-1966" [Read the article]


GASTAUT Y., "French public opinion of immigration since 1945, continuity and change." [Read the article]


BLANC-CHALÉARD M-C, "The immigration history today, thoughts on research in progress." [Read the article]

PARIS Erato, "The Greeks of Marseilles and Greek nationalism." [Read the article]


DA SOUZA RAMOS Jair, "Brazil and its immigrants, 1880-1925: the definition of the ideal immigrant." [Read the article]

FOUCHÉ N., "Americans in France 1919-1939: The conditions of their entry and residence." [Read the article]

FREY Yves, "The repatriation of foreign workers in the potassium basin of Haute-Alsace." [Read the article]

MASSARD GUILBAUD Geneviève, "Algerian immigration in France, a source of problems? Reflections on the responsibility of the State." [Read the article]

VIET Vincent, "Immigrant France. The development of a policy, 1914-1997." [Read the article]


LEWIS Mary, "The deportation of foreigners, from police practice to administrative measure :  the case of the Rhône department, 1919-1933." [Read the article]

PIERRE Claudine, "Forced departures and duress, or how foreigners left France in the 1930s. Reflections based on the study of a border department :  the Ardennes." [Read the article]

PONTY Janine, "How Polish immigrants left France during the 1930s." [Read the article]

RYGIEL Philippe, "The exclusion of foreigners during the interwar period :  how the term and the procedure were used." [Read the article]

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