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Kassala Province Files

A guide to public records from the Condominium period and early years of Sudan's independence, deposited at the National Records Office, Khartoum, Sudan.

The present database is part of the preliminary results of an on-going research programme undertaken jointly by the Development Studies and Research Centre, University of Khartoum (Khartoum, Sudan), and the Centre d'Études et de Documentation Économique Juridique et Sociale (Cairo, Egypt) in the Kassala and Gedaref States of the Republic of Sudan. It provides a detailed inventory and description of public records from the Condominium period and early years of Sudan's independence, pertaining to the former Province of Kassala.

This is a preliminary version (1996!)
We expect to present an improved final version in the future. It will facilitate consultation and include more information on the Kassala Province Files as well as on the research programme.

How to consult Kassala Province Files

You may either simply look at or download the annotated references by selecting one of the five groups of files or make use of the subject or geographical index. At present, consultation may prove cumbersome due to the size of some of the files (from 50 to 200 Ko)...

You also can make interrogations on the title or the contents of the references.

The database

Subject index

Geographical index (less keywords than the preceeding one)

Great thanks to Isabelle Dalmau!

Rupert Hasterok
National Records Office (Khartoum)

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